2008 Northwest Ride

This was a two week ride through Northern Utah, Wyoming, the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota, Montana and Idaho and featured the Blue Knights West Coast Conference in Billings, Montana. The ride was held July 20 thru August 2, 2008. There were 19 motorcycles and 22 riders which were divided into three rider groups. Riders included: Group 1: Mike Martin(Ride Leader), Lu Linebarger, Bill Samuelson, Jim Hutton, John Gunter, Don & Judy Mahlke, and Ron Miller; Group 2: Karl Hutchinson & Pam Beck(Group Leader), Gary Stevens, Bob Woerlee, Al Nabong, Joe Dean, Debbie Morrow and John Barrow; Group 3: Bob Trout(Group Leader), Dennis Dunn, Bob Casselberry, Harold Graves, Stu Fisher, and Don & Cindy Thompson.

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