Great Roads – The Three Twisted Sisters (Ranch Roads 335, 336 & 337)


Riding the Three Twisted Sisters

It seems that every time I have been to Texas, someone has asked me if I have ridden the “Three Twisted Sisters”, Texas Ranch Roads 335, 336 and 337, located in the Texas Hill Country. So . . . this past July, while on the way to a convention in Tyler, I decided to fit this popular Texas motorcycle destination into my itinerary.

The Three Twisted Sisters, Texas Ranch Roads 335, 336 & 337

There are several ways to access the Twisted Sisters. I came off eastbound Interstate 10 at Sonora where I took US 277 south 21 miles to Texas 55. Turn left onto Route 55 and ride 33 miles to Rock Springs. At Rock Springs, turn left onto US 377, then ride nine miles to TX 41. Turn right onto TX 41 for four miles to RR 335, the first leg of the “Three Twisted Sisters”. RR 335 is 29 miles of sweepers, tight turns with decreasing radii and some straight ways and dips through the low hills. The road was in good repair throughout the entire ride, but beware of gravel and rock debris on the roadway, especially in the turns. RR 335 terminates at US 377, where you will have to ride about 4-1/2 miles to Camp Wood to begin the 2nd leg of the route. There is a convenience store on the corner at US 377 and RR 337 where you can take a break and get fuel if needed.

Fueling up in Sonora


Ranch Road 335 in the Texas Hill Country






From Camp Wood, take Ranch Road 337 for 20 more miles of twisties through Frio Canyon to Leakey (pronounced “Lakey”). As you approach the west end of Leakey, you will see the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop on the right side of the Road. The stop houses a gift and T-shirt shop and the Bent Rim Grill. Be sure to stop there to fuel up your body with one of their great sandwiches or burgers and get a memento of your riding experience. Don’t forget to take a few photos.

At the Bent Rim Grill at Leakey, Texas

Once you’re fed and have your souvenir, ride into Leakey, and turn left onto US 83 for about 0.8 miles to the final leg of the Twisted Sisters, RR 336. Ranch Road 336 is 29 more miles of great turns and twists. Heed the warning signs approaching the turns as you ride these roads. The white crosses along the road are sober reminders of those riders who failed to take them to heart. RR 336 terminates at TX 41 and you can pick up Interstate 10 again by continuing east about 32 miles. If you are coming from westbound I-10, you can travel southwest on TX 41 from Exit 490 to RR 336 and ride the reverse route of the Twisted Sisters.

Riding 337, the 2nd leg of the Three Twisted Sisters


A Rider just starts the Twisted Sisters on Ranch Road 336








 Once you have finished riding the Twisted Sisters, I recommend you ride up to Fredericksburg,w here you can tour the Chester W. Nimitz and George H.W. Bush Pacific War Museums. You will need to spend two nights there, as it takes a full day to cover the more than six acres of World War II Pacific Theater history. Your admission is good for two days, in case you need a little extra time to get through it. I stayed at the Super 8 during my visit. The motel is on Main Street within walking distance of the museums and lot of good restaurants, including a very good steakhouse next door. Also, be sure to enjoy some great German cuisine while you’re there. The town was founded by German immigrants in 1846 and is the home of some very good German style local brews. In all, it was a great experience.

You won’t be disappointed if you add these attractions to your itinerary as your ride the great state of Texas!

                                               Ride safe and happy trails. . . .

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